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The Importance of Emergency First Aid Education Programs in the Workplace

A medical emergency in the workplace can happen at any time. Your workers may be involved in an accident or suffer a heart attack or other affliction. According to OSHA statistics, there were 4,690 fatal work injuries in the United States in 2010 alone. In many cases, these situations can occur with no prior warning. Being fully prepared and knowing exactly what to do can literally mean the difference between life and death. Our emergency first aid education programs provide training your employees need to administer lifesaving techniques such as CPR and AED.  MEDIC First Aid is the only Safety System approved by USCG (United States Coast Guard) for teaching coastal and onshore drilling.  MEDIC First aid program is written OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) guidelines.


We’re Providers of MEDIC First Aid® Training Programs

We are proud to offer MEDIC First Aid training programs. MEDIC First Aid is a worldwide leader in emergency first aid education programs for industries as well as the general public. Over the past 25 years, MEDIC First Aid has certified more than 80,000 instructors in critical areas such as AED, CPR and first aid. MEDIC First Aid certified instructors have in turn trained more than nine million first aid providers during this time. MEDIC First Aid is known for its low-stress training approach that is designed to emphasize actual provider and instructor performance as opposed to written testing. We have been recognized as a MEDIC First Aid Gold Training Center and make use of the latest emergency first aid training equipment.

The newest component of MEDIC First Aid training involves emergency first aid education regarding bloodborne pathogens, potentially harmful microrganisms that are transmitted via human blood that can cause serious medical conditions such as HIV and hepatitis, among others. Our program provides employees who are at risk of exposure to human blood with the necessary knowledge to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of coming in contact with bloodborne pathogens.


Community Classes Also Available

In addition to essential safety education for industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, utilities and refineries, we also offer community-based training for emergency responders such as police officers and firefighters, as well as private citizens who understand the importance of emergency first aid education. Options include CarePlus™ CPR and AED training, a Pediatric Program, Child/Infant CPR and AED, and Child and Babysitting Safety.

Committed Trainers Who Genuinely Care about Teaching

Our trainers are passionate about what they do and are committed to providing the best possible emergency first aid training for your staff. The combination of a high level of expertise and a genuine love for what they do ensures our trainers will provide your company with a worthwhile training and educational experience. Our instructional methods are designed to alleviate the stress or discomfort that some participants may experience during the safety education, which can enhance the learning process.

We Provide Flexible Safety Education Solutions

We understand that no two companies are alike and that every organization has unique needs with regard to safety education. We are easy to work with and have a flexible attitude as we probe the needs of the businesses inquiring. We will work with you to create a customized safety education program that will help you reach your specific objectives. Welcome to Lee-Mark Safety. We’re glad you found us!


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Classes Available
Classes are now available! Let us work with you to create a program appropriate for your company or group. We’re easy to work with, friendly, professional and will provide you with the necessary skill sets to potentially save a life. It is our passion to provide education of the highest quality and to have fun learning.


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Few things in life are more important than our personal safety. Let the safety education experts at Lee-Mark Safety help you ensure the safety and well-being of your valued employees or the people that you care about the most.